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Find Staff Now

Welcome to the Supportive Communities:
Strengthening Families Database

Inclusion Alberta has developed an innovative way of connecting families with children and youth with disabilities to potential staff through this online database.

The Supportive Communities: Strengthening Families (SCSF) project is an Inclusion Alberta initiative in partnership with the Calgary and Area and East Central Child and Family Services Authorities. Thank you to each CFSA for their generous support of the SCSF initiative which helps support families with children with disabilities who have a current Family Supports for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) agreement.

The SCSF database is for families with children with disabilities with FSCD agreements who are seeking in home support such as: Respite Aides, Community Aides, Behavioural Aides, Developmental Aides and Personal Care Aides. To register to get a username and password to gain access to the SCSF database, please contact an Inclusion Alberta Facilitator in your area listed below. You cannot gain access to the database tool without this information.

The SCSF database is accessible for families with children with disabilities in the Lloydminster area.

If you are a potential support worker looking for an opportunity to make a positive difference by spending time with a child with a disability and their family either by paid employment or on a volunteer basis, please contact an Inclusion Alberta facilitator listed below to learn how to register on the database.

If you are a family with a child or youth with a disability and don’t have a FSCD agreement or don’t know what FSCD is, please contact one of the Inclusion Alberta Facilitators listed below or contact an FSCD office at this following link:

Inclusion Alberta Facilitators in your area listed below:

Calgary and area
or toll free at 1-800-252-7556 ext. 220
East Central
Lloydminster and Area
or toll free 
at 1-800-252-7556 ext. 222

For more information about Supportive Communities: Strengthening Communities click here.  

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