Individual & Family Advocacy

We facilitate inclusion and advocate for the resources and supports needed to ensure every possibility for a meaningful life.

Creating an expansive vision for a family member with developmental disabilities is essential to determining the means to a valued and participatory life in community, from playgrounds to schools, from inclusive post-secondary education to employment and from the family home to a home of one’s own. Children and adults with developmental disabilities require immersion in the normative pathways of life to have a sense of belonging and the relationships and friendships we all need for our well-being.

Inclusion Alberta believes an inclusive life is realized when we capitalize on the community’s capacity to be inclusive, build relationships and have the needed support to experience membership and belonging in all of the ordinary experiences of life.

However, it is difficult for the vast majority of families and individuals with developmental disabilities to know what supports and opportunities are available or how to navigate and negotiate often complex systems. We’re here so that families don’t need to do this by themselves. Advocates are available province-wide to assist families to overcome challenges in the pursuit of a meaningful life fully included in community.

Our advocates help individuals and families address a broad range of issues including inclusive education, family support, recreation and leisure, housing, funding, individualized planning, and more.

Please contact us to inquire about advocacy: | 1-800-252-7556