About Inclusion Alberta

We share a dream of meaningful family life and community inclusion for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Inclusion Alberta is a family-based, non-profit federation that advocates on behalf of children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families. We share a dream, with our partners and allies, where children and adults are valued, participating and welcomed community members. We are deeply committed to enabling families and individuals to be fully included in community life.

More than 40 non-profit organizations, along with thousands of families from every corner of the province, belong to Inclusion Alberta. Our main offices are in Edmonton and Calgary with staff in every region of Alberta. We belong to Inclusion Canada and Inclusion International.

Our Mission

To foster family leadership and advocacy in the pursuit of fully inclusive community lives for children and adults with developmental disabilities.


The Definition of Inclusion:

*Adopted by Inclusion Alberta. Originally created by our national federation, Inclusion Canada. Principal Author: Bruce Uditsky with contributions from Janet Klees & Robin Acton

Think about the lives of most Canadians. Life starts with family, growing up at home, being loved and wanted, going to playschool, childcare and/or kindergarten and school, having and making friends throughout the journey, having friends and family who support you and your dreams, developing a career identity, participating in community activities, being a teenager, developing a positive sense of self over time, having dreams, playing sports, possibly involved in music/dance/art, going to college/university, traveling, falling in love, getting a job, pursuing a career, perhaps owning a business, finding a soulmate, a home of your own, having friends over for dinner, looking after your parents, growing older and continuing to contribute at every step of the way, it is assumed and expected that you will grow, relate, adapt, contribute and be included in the fullness of community life amidst your family, friends, and colleagues.

Inclusion happens when the lives of children and adults with intellectual disabilities unfold no differently; immersed together with their non-disabled peers in the same pathways and experience of life common to us all.

Check out an expanded version of the definition of inclusion here.

Inclusion Alberta is a family-based non-profit federation that advocates on behalf of children and adults with an intellectual disability and their families in their desire to be fully included in community life.

Executive Committee

Monica Braat – President

Barb MacIntyre – Past President

Cathy Laycock – Vice-President

Tina Trigg – Vice-President

Keith Moore – Treasurer

Qiuxia Zhang – Member-at-Large

Tracy McHugh – Member-at-Large

Braden Mole – Member-at-Large

Trish Bowman – CEO (Ex-Officio)