Darrell Cook Family Managed Supports Resource Centre

As a valued community resource, the Centre offers information, planning, practical supports, workshops, family connections and learning opportunities.

A photo of the Cook Family.

Darrell, Devan, Jocelyn and Sheilagh Cook. Photo taken by Jess Phillips in August 2008.

The Centre is named in honour of Darrell Cook, a committed parent advocate for individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families. Darrell, who was instrumental in development of the Centre, passed away in 2010. Leading by example, Darrell’s determination and love ensured his daughter Jocelyn had every opportunity for a rich and active life in the community. A dedicated family man, community advocate and person of vision, Darrell’s generous spirit carries on through the work of the Family Managed Supports Resource Centre (FMSRC).

Family Managed Supports (FMS) is a funding option for families motivated to take a primary role in organizing the supports and services for their adult family member with intellectual disabilities. With FMS, funds typically go directly to the family to hire and manage their own staff. FMS funded supports can provide opportunities related to adult education, employment, recreation, home and community participation. The Centre in Calgary assists families using FMS funding to foster an inclusive life across the following life domains (e.g., home, employment, continuing education, community participation, relationships, and health and well-being). The Centre helps families to understand their role in managing supports for their family member with intellectual disabilities. Staff at the Centre assist with FMS required planning, application and administrative processes.

Families can access FMS resources on-line and at the Calgary location. The Centre also offers workshops where families can connect, learn and share valuable information.

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