FMS Series

Explore the Family Managed Supports workshops offered in Calgary

The Darrel Cook Family Managed Supports Resource Centre (FMSRC) hosts a series of workshops each year where families can learn more about how to best utilize their FMS funding to establish and sustain a good life for their family member with developmental disabilities. These workshops provide an opportunity to increase your knowledge and understanding about visioning and planning, facilitating relationships and creating employment opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities.

The 2019-2020 series has concluded. Please check back soon for 2020-2021 workshop dates and topics.

Visioning and Planning

This session will provide an overview of the process for developing a life-enhancing vision and the initial plans and actions needed to move forward when using FMS.

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Exploring Opportunities for Creating Employment

The resources available through Family Managed Supports (FMS) can be effectively utilized to both create employment possibilities and to provide on-the-job supports to ensure success, when and where needed.

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Creating and Facilitating Relationships Through Community Engagement

Individuals with developmental disabilities will never secure a safe and meaningful life if the only people in their lives providing support are staff paid to be there.

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