FMS Learning Series

Explore the Family Managed Supports Learning Series

The Darrel Cook Family Managed Supports Resource Centre (FMSRC) hosts a Learning Series each year where families can learn more about how to best utilize their FMS funding to establish and sustain a good life for their family member with intellectual disabilities. These events provide an opportunity to increase your knowledge and understanding about visioning and planning, facilitating relationships and creating employment opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Creating & facilitating relationships through community engagement

Join us in this session as we explore the importance of meaningful relationships for individuals with intellectual disabilities. This session will offer strategies for fostering community participation and inclusion and how to connect people through community opportunities.

February 10, 2024

Exploring opportunities for creating meaningful employment

In this event, we will discuss how families, networks, and support staff of the FMS or FSCD can work together to promote job opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities. We will offer practical advice on how to utilize the resources provided by FMS or FSCD to create employment prospects and ensure successful on-the-job support.

May 11, 2024