Youth Employment Partnership

Building stronger communities by working together

Paid employment during high school is one of the most significant factors in ensuring individuals with intellectual disabilities gain employment as adults. The Youth Employment Partnership bridges the gap between youth and adult employment, creating confident youth who are empowered to be more self-sufficient, creating stronger communities for everyone.

The Youth Employment Partnership works with local businesses to develop jobs for youth with intellectual disabilities through peer-mentored employment. Consider the possibility of working with us to create genuine and meaningful part-time employment opportunities. Learn how to sustain and facilitate the successful inclusion of youth with disabilities in the workforce.

If you’re a business owner or someone in the position to hire a youth with intellectual disabilities, please consider contacting us to learn more.

Youth Mentors

The Youth Employment Partnership is built on peer mentorship. Our youth mentors are high school or university students hired to support students with intellectual disabilities. If you’re interested in being a peer-mentor, please reach out to us.

For more information on hiring a youth with intellectual disabilities, or becoming a peer mentor, contact us: | 1-800-252-7556

Download the Youth Employment brochure