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Welcome to the Inclusion Alberta Video Collection

Below are some great clips that help illustrate what Inclusion Alberta is all about. These clips also help details the connections Inclusion Alberta has made and the people this organization have been able to help throughout the years.


The Story of Inclusive Post-Secondary Education in Alberta


YouTube link for The Story of Inclusive Post-Secondary Education in Alberta:



To view the following video clips, please click the title of the video. 

Profiles of employees in the comunity.

Community Living Works

Two sisters are brought back together after 50 years apart.

Women Reunited

The story of a young man that helped rewrite organ donor laws all over the world.

Terry Urquhart

This clip illustrates how inclusive education can benefit everybody.

Son in Junior High

Jose and his family come to Edmonton from Panama to undergo lifesaving surgery.

Jose Moran

Sherill Jeffery is given a chance to prove her abilities and starts turning heads on campus.

Sherill Gets a Job on Campus

A short clip on the value of Community Living and the difference inclusion can make in the community.

We all Deserve the Opportunity to Contribute