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In The Classroom - K-12

Inclusion Alberta advocates for quality inclusive education where children with developmental disabilities are welcomed into regular classrooms in their neighbourhood schools. In the inclusive classrooom children with special needs, their peers and their teachers receive the support they need to be successful. Curriculum and instruction are individually adapted. An inclusive school ensures children with disabilities participate in all school activities.

Inclusion Alberta works with teachers, schools and school districts to develop quality inclusive education from pre-school to high school. During the year Inclusion Alberta offers workshops on inclusive education for school personnel and parents that are typically led by internationally acclaimed authorities on inclusive education. We provide consultation to schools and teachers and have a vast array of inclusive education resources for the regular classroom teacher.

Inclusion Alberta believes that parents should be able to freely choose an inclusive education for their child. If families encounter poor quality inclusive education or resistance, Inclusion Alberta will provide advocacy resources for as long as it takes to ensure a successful outcome. We have close to a 100% success rate.

Please contact us for more information:

email- mail@inclusionalberta.org 

phone- 1-800-252-7556

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