Inclusion Alberta Family Resource Centre - Grande Prairie

As a valued community resource, the Centre offers information, planning, practical supports, workshops, family connections and learning opportunities.

The Inclusion Alberta Family Resource Centre – Grande Prairie supports families to create a vision and plan for a meaningful life fully included in community and to access the supports and opportunities to realize that vision with their family member with a developmental disability.  

We support families in taking the necessary steps to facilitate their family member’s meaningful inclusion in: 

  • housing and creating a home 
  • community recreation and leisure 
  • inclusive childcare 
  • employment 
  • continuing education 
  • membership in clubs, groups and faith communities 
  • relationships 
  • health and wellbeing 

We can assist families in: 

  • understanding their role in managing supports for their family member with a developmental disability 
  • completing the required FSCD and FMS planning, application and administrative processes  
  • recruiting support staff 

Families can access centre resources on-line and at the Grande Prairie location (#117 Centre 2000, 11330 106 Street in Grande Prairie) and can participate in virtual and in-person workshops where families, individuals and staff can connect, learn and share valuable information. 

We also work with community organizations and businesses to enhance their capacity to enable the inclusion of individuals with developmental disabilities.   

What is FMS (Family Managed Supports)?

Family Managed Supports (FMS) is a funding option for families motivated to take a primary role in organizing the supports and services for their adult family member with developmental disabilities. With FMS, funds typically go directly to the family to hire and manage their own staff. FMS funded supports can provide opportunities related to adult education, employment, recreation, home and community participation.

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Online Guide to Using FMS to Support an Inclusive Life

Find out more about FMS as a funding option.

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Find Staff

Find staff to support your adult family member with developmental disabilities in Grande Prairie and area.

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If you have further questions about FMS or the Inclusion Alberta Family Resource Centre - Grande Prairie, please get in touch with us. #117 Centre 2000 11330 106 Street Grande Prairie, AB T8V7X9 Phone: 780-882-9477

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