September 24, 2020

FMS is for Your Family if… You want to design and direct personalized supports, tailored to a vision of a good life, by hiring, directing and paying staff.* A family member is eligible for PDD services. Your family’s way of organizing support** includes needs for assistance that fit one or more of these categories: Home […]

Visioning and organizing good support are best done in conversation with other families who can share their knowledge, provide support and help open up possibilities. Negotiating an adequate FMS agreement with PDD can require advice and advocacy. We can provide information about how FMS works and capture some of the knowledge and wisdom other families […]

September 3, 2020

Family Managed Supports as a Funding Option – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)    Alberta has two funding options provided by its Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) program to supports adults with developmental disabilities – Family Managed Supports (FMS) funding and contracted funding where the government contracts with service providers to provide supports.  Family Managed Supports (FMS) […]

What Some Families Hear Inclusion Alberta staff have encountered these misunderstandings when working with families who choose FMS and in advocacy situations. The responses are Inclusion Alberta’s view of the correct understanding of FMS policy and good practice. All families should hear –from other families and in their meetings with PDD staff– that FMS is […]

FMS Administrator Responsibilities to PDD Please note: PDD staff will explain the contract to you as you discuss the FMS Agreement. This summary is for your information as you consider choosing FMS. The FMS Administrator is: Employer Planner and monitor of service quality Financial administratoraccountable to PDD Summary of Key Responsibilities of the FMS Administrator: […]

Preparing to Negotiate with Regional PDD Staff Based on decades of experience in supporting thousands of families, Inclusion Alberta finds that families who have access to a Family Managed Supports Resource Centre are in a far better position to plan for an inclusive life, determine needed supports and negotiate an FMS agreement with PDD than […]

Hear from Experienced Families The control and flexibility to individualize supports brings families to choose FMS. This means that families organize supports in different ways that match their circumstances, their family’s values, and a person’s ways of getting things done. There is no single right way to discover, welcome and guide staff, but experienced families […]

September 2, 2020

What Families Say About Staff The difference staff make Louise & Robert Gendreau – It’s not just the physical care. It’s the social care –the relationship. It’s the spiritual. The team is her arms and legs. It’s also her voice. That takes quite a bit of work, but they are able to put the work in […]

Orchestrating the Supports a Person Needs Visioning reveals the community pathways and roles likely to offer a person the best chances of a good life. Organizing supports orchestrates the supports a person needs to immerse themselves in these community pathways and roles. FMS provides a family with money to employ staff who assist a person […]

Being Part of the Ordinary Flow Immersion means making the best of what a particular place on a community pathway has to offer. It means paying attention to the people who benefit the most from their participation. With those who benefit as role models it is possible to figure out how a person with developmental […]