September 24, 2020

FMS is for Your Family if… You want to design and direct personalized supports, tailored to a vision of a good life, by hiring, directing and paying staff.* A family […]

Visioning and organizing good support are best done in conversation with other families who can share their knowledge, provide support and help open up possibilities. Negotiating an adequate FMS agreement […]

September 3, 2020

Family Managed Supports as a Funding Option – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)    Alberta has two funding options provided by its Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) program to supports adults with […]

What Some Families Hear Inclusion Alberta staff have encountered these misunderstandings when working with families who choose FMS and in advocacy situations. The responses are Inclusion Alberta’s view of the […]

FMS Administrator Responsibilities to PDD Please note: PDD staff will explain the contract to you as you discuss the FMS Agreement. This summary is for your information as you consider […]

Preparing to Negotiate with Regional PDD Staff Based on decades of experience in supporting thousands of families, Inclusion Alberta finds that families who have access to a Family Managed Supports […]

Hear from Experienced Families The control and flexibility to individualize supports brings families to choose FMS. This means that families organize supports in different ways that match their circumstances, their […]

September 2, 2020

What Families Say About Staff The difference staff make Louise & Robert Gendreau – It’s not just the physical care. It’s the social care –the relationship. It’s the spiritual. The team […]

Orchestrating the Supports a Person Needs Visioning reveals the community pathways and roles likely to offer a person the best chances of a good life. Organizing supports orchestrates the supports […]

Being Part of the Ordinary Flow Immersion means making the best of what a particular place on a community pathway has to offer. It means paying attention to the people […]