Public engagement for Alberta government budget survey

Public Engagement for Alberta Government Budget Survey

November 18, 2020

Take action to ensure your voice is heard. Please respond by December 4, 2020

The Government of Alberta is currently seeking the input of Albertans as it prepares Budget 2021. You can participate by filling in the survey online at the Government of Alberta’s website and or by attending one of three future townhall meetings with Finance Minister Travis Toews. The government will post details on how to participate closer to the townhall dates.

  • November 30, 6:30 to 8pm Northern Alberta, including all communities north of Edmonton
  • December 2, 6:30 to 8pm Central region including Edmonton, Red Deer and all communities north of Calgary
  • December 3, 6:30 to 8pm Calgary and Southern Alberta

The Premier has indicated more than once that all government programs are under review. All the signs suggest that the only thing being considered is reducing spending, which would limit funding and support to children and adults with developmental disabilities if implemented. Doing so would increase public costs as the need for assistance and support will not disappear any more than a child or adult’s developmental disability. The result would be increased government and public costs overall as needs would need to be met by more expensive healthcare and welfare programs. There are not many signs that suggest the government is interested in how to improve the effectiveness of its programs.

Please keep these factors in mind when you complete the survey:

  • Be wary of any questions that give the government permission to reduce services to individuals with disabilities and their families. For example, if you consider the province as being in a financial crisis, this gives the government increased permission to take drastic action.
  • Where the survey asks, what are today’s most important issues, please consider ensuring support to persons with disabilities and their families is one of your responses. Similarly, we suggest supporting balancing spending while increasing revenues rather than reducing spending exclusively.
  • In the question asking where the government should reduce spending, we suggest selecting those areas that will have the least impact on children and adults with developmental disabilities.
  • In answering the question on your “top long-term … priority for Alberta’s budget,” be cautious as almost every answer has potential negative consequences for individuals with disabilities and their families unless these services and supports are secured into the future. For this question, choosing “Other” might be the best option.

You can participate in making your position known by completing the government’s short online survey, Budget 2021 Survey, or emailing your feedback to by December 4, 2020.