Immediate Action Needed – Federal Disability Pandemic Benefit at Risk

June 11, 2020

On June 5, 2020 Prime Minister Trudeau announced a $600 benefit to be provided to Canadians with Disabilities and their families.  This proposed benefit is now in jeopardy of being lost as the Bill to provide this benefit is not supported by all parties.  We need everyone who wants to see this benefit to proceed to contact their MP office by phone, email, text or social media post today or tomorrow.  Contact information for all Alberta MPs can be found at this link: All Alberta MPs

Please tell your MP you want their party to support the Bill that would provide Canadians with disabilities and their families this much needed assistance.

People with disabilities and their families, though often experiencing more challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic than many and with greater vulnerabilities are among the last to be recognized and supported. The Bill also included additional funding to support employment and technological innovations for persons with disabilities.

The proposed benefit was limited to Canadians with disabilities approved for the Disability Tax Credit (DTC) and families who receive the Child Disability Benefit. Please consider asking your MP to extend this benefit to a greater number of Canadians with disabilities.

Reaching out to your MP is vital if this Bill is to be passed.  There has been much political maneuvering around this proposed benefit including the way it was introduced to Parliament.  We want the political games that are putting this benefit at risk to stop.  We need a single Bill all parties can support to enable Canadians with Disabilities and their families to finally received some relief relative to the financial and social costs of the pandemic.

We would also very much appreciate knowing if you contacted your MP and their response by emailing

Thanks so much as always for taking action and standing up for people with disabilities and their families.

Stay safe.


Barb MacIntyre
Inclusion Alberta President