Welcome Changes to Essential Visitors for Individuals with Disabilities Hospitalized Due to COVID-19

April 29, 2020

As we previously shared when Inclusion Alberta and the Autism Society Alberta met with Dr. Hinshaw and Minister Sawhney, we raised the necessity for individuals with disabilities to be able to be accompanied, if hospitalized, by a family member or staff person. That without this essential support their lives would be at risk, particularly given communication challenges. Dr. Hinshaw listened and committed to follow-up. Today we are very pleased to announce that our advocacy has been successful and the policy governing who can accompany and support individuals with disabilities when they may need to be hospitalized has been modified to allow a family member or support worker to be present when circumstances so warrant.

If you find yourself being denied access as an Essential Visitor for someone with a developmental disability please contact us so we can determine how we can best assist you.

Our thanks to Minister Sawhney and Dr. Hinshaw for making it a little easier for parents to sleep at night.

Essential Visitors