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Inclusion Alberta remains committed to families during COVID-19

April 21, 2020

Dear Friends,

At Inclusion Alberta we are continuing to ensure that each and every family gets the support they require during this unprecedented time in our history. This is a difficult time for everyone but can be especially challenging for those families who have a loved one with a developmental disability. We wanted to take a moment to connect with you and share just a few examples of how we continue to support individuals and families during this time.

For those students who are attending Inclusive Post-Secondary Education, our team continues to support their participation in remote delivery of classes and has come up with creative ways of ensuring students are staying socially connected to classmates virtually, a critical element to emotional well-being in this new age of physical distancing. In a few instances where students have more complex needs that depend upon physical support, Inclusion Alberta staff are providing that support when it is safe and appropriate to do so.

Our Inclusive Education consultants are partnering with families and schools to ensure appropriate planning for children with disabilities and their inclusion in ongoing learning through remote delivery, as well as staying socially connected to their classmates through virtual means wherever possible.

For those individuals employed through our Rotary Employment Partnership, several individuals continue to work, some of whom have been offered more hours as they are working in areas essential to all Albertans, such as maintaining our food supply chain. For those who are not able to work at this time, our Employment Coordinators are providing resources to help establish a healthy routine, ensure each person has a plan for a meaningful day, are considering and accessing opportunities for professional development, and that they have access to any support they require at this time. We continue to connect with job seekers on our wait list in preparation for when companies are once again in a position to hire.

Our advocacy team continues to meet with families each and every day, as we work to secure the supports and services they require in these particularly challenging times, and we are in constant communication with multiple government ministries in an effort to ensure the unique needs of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families are represented. In the weeks to come, it will be critical that families who have family members with developmental disabilities know they are not alone as they navigate the changing landscape and the new demands they are encountering. Inclusion Alberta is committed to ensuring families have the support they need now and hope for the future.

Keep well and please keep in touch.

Warm regards,
Inclusion Alberta