Inclusive hiring at the premier’s office

September 10, 2019

Inclusion Alberta’s Rotary Employment Partnership is a world-leading program that partners local business owners, entrepreneurs and government with those seeking meaningful employment.

As part of this partnership, the Government of Alberta provides funding and supports to assist adults with developmental disabilities to live, work and participate in their communities as valued citizens. The government has also lead by example as an inclusive employer.

The latest example of this comes from the Alberta premier’s office. Terence Choo is now working as part of the front-line team in the busy office’s administration. Some of his responsibilities include answering phone calls and emails, booking meetings and keeping the office organized. If you contact the premier’s office you may have the opportunity to meet Terence!

Find out more about Terence’s job in the video below, from the office of Alberta Premier Jason Kenney. (If the video doesn’t play in your browser, you can also watch it on Facebook.)

To find out more about Inclusion Alberta’s Rotary Employment Partnership, visit our web page. We also have a Youth Employment Program for teens seeking part-time employment during high school.