Federal election Action Plan

September 4, 2019


With the unofficial federal election campaigning having begun and the official start only a short time away, we wanted to share the Canadian Association for Community Living (CACL) Federal Election 2019 National Disability Action Plan.


*** Read the plan, or download it as a PDF ***


We are encouraging families and allies to meet with the federal party candidates in their ridings and to share the National Disability Action Plan with them. CACL’s requested actions, to which Inclusion Alberta has provided input, would benefit individuals with developmental/intellectual disabilities and their families across multiple fronts. The plan calls for actions to be taken in the areas of health, employment and economic security, inclusive housing and the Accessible Canada Act.


The first two pages of the Action Plan provide an overview of the actions being sought, while the remaining pages provide more substantive background to the requests. Please take the time to ensure the voices of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families are heard during this federal election and not forgotten or ignored.