Bill C-14 – Critical Time to Make Your Position Known

June 16, 2016

Bill C-14 – Legislation to Legalize Physician Assisted Death

Critical Time to Make Your Position Known


June 16, 2016

We know the proposed legislation to legalize but limit “medically assisted dying” is controversial and many of you reading this email will have different points of view.

As part of the national disability rights efforts and others committed to protecting vulnerable individuals, and in in particular those with developmental disabilities, Inclusion Alberta supports the  Vulnerable Persons Standards.  These standards, which allow for physician assisted death but limit it to those competent to decide and dying, to choose medically assisted death.  The Vulnerable Persons Standards website as has many useful articles and references to help you consider your position on medically assisted dying.

Bill C-14 reflects the Vulnerable Persons Standards by limiting physician assisted death in an attempt to safeguard the lives of individuals, such as those with disabilities who because of life circumstances or societal devaluation might be led into or coerced into seeking death when they are not dying.

Bill C-14 is not perfect but the Senate’s amendment to remove the requirement for a person to be dying in the “reasonably foreseeable future”, will open the door to vulnerable individuals being at risk of physician assisted death being applied to them.  

We are asking everyone who shares the view that Canada must proceed cautiously and judiciously by limiting physician assisted death as Bill C-14 proposes, to let their MP and the Premier know their position. Click on the following link to find your MP Members of Parliament.  Please take a moment to send an email or call and express your viewpoint.

Thank you for taking the time to ensure your voice is heard on this critically important and societally defining legislation.


Bruce Uditsky

CEO – Inclusion Alberta