February Tip of the Month

February 10, 2016

February is the month of relationships. Every relationship needs clear communication in order to be successful. Remember to address issues as they arise by having clear and open communication through scheduled meetings with your staff. Provide positive feedback and identify why this change is necessary. It’s a two way street so be open to staff ideas. 

February 15th is Family Day. Plan something fun or relaxing for your family to bring everyone together.

Here are some ideas:

  • Winter Carnival at Fort Calgary  http://www.fortcalgary.com/popups/SE_Winterfest2016.pdf
  •  Call your local arena to see if there is any free public skating on Family Day.
  •  Walk or hike around Nose Hill Park or other parks in your area.
  •  Plan a nice day at home, perhaps invite staff over to join your family.


Remember, T4’s are due for staff- the last day of February