Province-Wide Post-Secondary Education Openings – Deadline Jan 30

January 7, 2016

Inclusion Alberta in partnership with post-secondary institutions across the province offers Inclusive Post-Secondary Education supports to student with developmental disabilities. This support is tailored to each student to assist them to succeed in meaningfully participating in university and college programs of study, getting involved in campus and community life, and securing paid employment. This unique initiative enhances the learning environment for everyone involved.

Students who are eligible for Disability Services (formerly PDD) supports typically audit courses in a program of study of their interest, which helps them achieve the most beneficial learning experience possible. An educational facilitator works closely with students and faculty to modify and adapt coursework to individualize a student’s pace of study. In addition to campus life, this year round support assists students in attaining employment during the summer months with the objective to obtain a meaningful career upon the completion of studies. There are no specific academic requirements – all applications will be considered regardless of a prospective student’s support needs (if the prospective student can confirm Disability Services supports eligibility).

The following inclusive post-secondary education institutions partnered with Inclusion Alberta will be accepting applications the Fall 2016 academic year.

Please note that the application deadline is January 30, 2016. All applicants must be prepared to start attending July 2, 2016.



Bow Valley College                                                                                               1 vacancy



MacEwan University                                                                                             6 vacancies

Norquest College                                                                                                  1 vacancy

Northern Alberta Institute for Technology (NAIT)                                                  4 vacancies

The King’s University                                                                                            1 vacancy


Grande Prairie

Grande Prairie Regional College                                                                           1 vacancy


Lloydminster and Vermillion

Lakeland College                                                                                                  1 vacancy


Each post-secondary institution offers different programs of study, anyone interested is encouraged to visit each school’s website and/or attend program information sessions and open houses for more information.

Please contact the following coordinators directly for applications:


Bow Valley College:                                                                       

Eric Moore

Office: 403.410.1501



Norquest College

Morilynn McRann-McLean

Office: 780.644.6051



Northern Alberta Institute for Technology

Jessica Brandsma

Office: 780.491.1329



MacEwan University

Mischa Taylor

Office: 780.497.5198


                                                                                                                                       Grand Prairie Regional College                 

The King’s University

Britta deGroot

Office: 780-465-3500 Ext 8129                                          



Lakeland College:

Clara Kolybaba

Office: 780.871.5402                                                               



Grande Prairie Regional College:

Laura Gerow                                                                                        

Office: 780.539.2216                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


For more information about Inclusive Post-Secondary please contact Jessica Brandsma at 780.491.1329, or or the coordinators above.