September Tip of the Month

September 24, 2015

Recruiting family managed support staff can sometimes be challenging. Creating a solid job description is essential to finding the best candidate.  A job description provides a focus to identify those target areas necessary for hiring a successful candidate.  Generating a job description prior to advertising is also a great tool to screen potential candidates and can easily be condensed into a job advertisement.

 The major components of the job description are:

  • Job summary (purpose of the job, what and how it will be done)
  • Major responsibilities
  • Specific tasks of the position
  • Ideal characteristics desired in a successful candidate

Three important areas to include under the major responsibilities are:

  • Key skills
  • Knowledge
  • Attitudes a successful candidate must meet

Cauvier (2004) suggests prioritizing skills and abilities as “absolute, beneficial or convenient” for the job.


Once you have hired a staff, the job description is a good tool to use when regularly meeting with staff to understand those areas that are going well.


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