Inclusion Alberta Applauds Minister of Education & EPS

September 4, 2015

Simon Goes to School – Inclusion Alberta Applauds Minister of Education & Edmonton Public Schools

Media Release – September 6, 2015 – Edmonton, AB 

On Tuesday September 8, 2015, Simon, along with his younger brother, will be welcomed into an inclusive education at Victoria School of the Arts.  This is truly a celebratory moment for his Mom, Caitlin, who had to fight publicly for Simon to have the same rights to attend school as his brother.  And a celebratory moment for all parents of students with special needs.

Inclusion Alberta commends Minister of Education David Eggen for having listened to families of students with special needs and appreciating the barriers they face in having the same choices of schooling as they do for their children without disabilities.  Today the Minister announced a provincial review of the policies and funding challenges that, for years, have permitted school districts to discriminate in the their acceptance of students with special needs.  

Robin Acton, Inclusion Alberta President and parent of a daughter with disabilities who was fully included in regular classes, stated, “Inclusion Alberta welcomes the opportunity to participate in the review and we look forward to the day in Alberta when every child is equally valued and provided the opportunity for an inclusive education in the pursuit their dreams.”

Victoria School of the Arts has been an inclusive and welcoming school of students with disabilities and now with Edmonton Public Schools administration waiving their previous exclusionary decision in regards to Simon, Victoria School can welcome Simon as they had originally planned.  We know Simon, his brother and parents are thrilled and now looking forward to the first day of school without the fear of Simon being stopped at the door.

Bruce Uditsky, Inclusion Alberta CEO and the parent of a son with disabilities who received a fully inclusive education, added, “ My sons, with and without disabilities had the benefit of being educated by Edmonton Public Schools.  I hope that Edmonton Public Schools will now rescind its existing restrictive policies that discriminate against some students with disabilities and work with us in creating a district that is inclusive of all.  ”


About Inclusion Alberta:

Inclusion Alberta (formerly Alberta Association for Community Living) is a family-governed, registered charity supporting thousands of children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families across Alberta for nearly 60 years.


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