August Tip of the Month

August 5, 2015

Recruiting staff can sometimes be challenging. Creating a solid job description is essential to finding the best candidate. A job description provides a focus to identify those target areas necessary for hiring a successful candidate.  Generating a job description prior to advertising is also a great tool to screen potential candidates and can easily be condensed into a job advertisement.

The major components of the job description are the Job Summary (purpose of the job, what and how it will be done), the major responsibilities, the specific tasks of the position and ideal characteristics desired in a successful candidate. Three important areas to include under the major responsibilities are the key skills, knowledge and attitudes a successful candidate must meet. Cauvier (2004) suggests prioritizing skills and abilities as “absolute, beneficial or convenient” for the job.

Once you have hired a staff, the job description is a good tool to use when regularly meeting with staff to understand those areas that are going well.

Please see an example of a job description on our website by clicking on Recruiting, Hiring and Managing Inclusion Support Workers. A good resource on hiring and retaining staff is Attracting, Selecting & Retaining Great People written by Dr. Denis Cauvier.