March Tip of the Month

March 23, 2015

Communicating with Staff

Developing a structured format and a regular time to communicate with staff assists in establishing a rapport with staff that creates an environment to address the “hard” or more “uncomfortable” topics that we tend to avoid until it is “an issue”.

1.  Identify regular meeting times and place

2.  Conducting the Meeting

3.  Prepare an agenda that includes:

Begin with one area that staff & family share that has been positive in week/month

-Identify one area where you would like to see changes – be specific in your description of the issue /circumstances

-Clearly identify “why” the change is needed (the impact on individual/family)

-Offer ideas that would be helpful to promote the change

-Involve staff  – solicit ideas that would help promote the change you would like to see

-Make the conversation a two way conversation


-Be objective

-Ask if there are any areas the staff would like to discuss

4.  Identify how and what you will communicate on a regular basis

a.    What method(s):



             -Communication binder

b.     How often

c.     Exceptions