AACL Includes People With Developmental Disabilities in Spartan Race Teams

August 12, 2014

August 12, 2014 – The Alberta Association for Community Living (AACL) will demonstrate inclusive living for people with developmental disabilities at its best by competing in the Spartan Sprint Race, August 17th 2014 in Calgary, Alberta.

The Spartan Race is known as one of the world’s premiere obstacle course races.  Under the guidance of Elite Racer Chris Beringer and with generous sponsorship from Stantec, AACL will compete 4 teams, each containing an individual with a developmental disability.

“Our goal is to prove to the world that these individuals with developmental disabilities deserve a place in our communities, and when given the chance can accomplish pretty great things,” says Beringer.

Beringer hopes to compete at all levels of Spartan Races in the future with the teams. 

“The accomplishment of conquering a Spartan race will be something they will never forget and will impact their lives in so many positive ways,” said Beringer about the team members.

The Calgary Spartan Sprint takes place at Wild Rose MX Park Sunday, August 17th 2014.  The first heat of races begins at 8am. 

To make a pledge to AACL’s Spartan Race Team, please contact Lauren Hyatt @ lhyatt@aacl.org