Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) Transformation Implementation Plan

October 24, 2013
Dear PDD Individuals and Families:

I am pleased to share with you the Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) Transformation Implementation Plan.

The Implementation Plan is the result of important feedback provided over the spring and summer. It will guide how we will engage with individuals, families, guardians, and service providers in moving the PDD program forward over the next 18 months.

This plan reflects what you said with respect to improved communication and more consultation on the transformation.

The Implementation Plan will be posted tomorrow and I encourage you to read it and share your thoughts at Your ideas can also be shared at one of the many upcoming meetings, conference calls, or through contact with PDD staff.

I would also like to take this opportunity to let you know that Human Services Minister Dave Hancock is planning on introducing legislation this fall that proposes to establish a new governance model and structure with regional engagement councils.

The proposed Family and Community Engagement Councils would replace the PDD and Child and Family Services Boards. They would be made up of Albertans from all areas of interest and capabilities, and will include Aboriginal perspectives.

The proposed councils would focus on building relationships and conducting meaningful engagement with communities to better understand social issues, and learn where gaps and capacity exist to collaborate and co-create local solutions.

I want to reassure you that this proposed change will not impact PDD service levels. The intent is to form the stronger connection between government and communities envisioned in Alberta’s Social Policy Framework.

I will be in touch with you later this Fall with additional information about the Family and Community Engagement Councils. If you have any questions about the proposed Councils, please ask me or send your questions to:


Frank Oberle
Associate Minister

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