Families of Individuals with Developmental Disabilities Applaud Redford Budget

February 10, 2012

Across Alberta parents who have sons and daughters with developmental disabilities are truly appreciative of the fact that this government’s budget finally recognizes the needs and interests of their families and those of their family members.  The increase in AISH benefits both in terms of income and employment incentives are the largest accorded this program since its inception.  Individuals with disabilities requiring AISH will be able to have a life that is more reflective of the dignity to which they ought to be accorded.

Increases to community supports and services over the course of the next few years will help to ensure a more stable and professional workforce.  The high rates of turnover in support staff due to poor wages has taken a huge toll on the life and spirit of those with developmental disabilities who rely on consistent, quality staffing.

As or more importantly is the desire of the government to substantively advance the inclusion of Albertans with developmental disabilities from enabling inclusion in schools to employment in the world of work.

Barb MacIntyre, AACL President, stated, “Parents look forward to the day when they will no longer have to fight either to have their child included or for the school and teachers to have the resources and support they require. To the day when the devastating unemployment rate that currently exists for Albertans with developmental disabilities is dramatically reduced thereby adding hope and possibility to their lives.”

Bruce Uditsky, CEO of AACL said, “Moving from the past practice of one-year budgets to a three-year budget projection provides the opportunity for sustained and longer-term planning that is so needed in this field.”

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For more information, please contact:

Bruce Uditsky, Chief Executive Officer

Phone: 780.940-4269

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