Nominate a Deserving Person or Organization for an Award

January 13, 2012


National Inclusive Education Award

AACL is seeking nominations for this year?s National inclusive Education Award recipient.  The Award is an opportunity for an Alberta school or school district to receive national and provincial recognition for their efforts in ensuring every child is welcomed and included.

Please consider nominating a school or school district in Alberta that has demonstrated its dedication for inclusive education.  Individual teachers may be nominated for an AACL Community Living Award.  Click here more information on this award. 

Community Inclusion Award

The Community Inclusion Award is presented to individuals or groups whose efforts in enabling the complete and meaningful inclusion of individuals with developmental disabilities into community life have been inspiring and outstanding.  Click here for more information.

Community Living Award

The Community Living Award is given to individuals or organizations in Alberta, who on a day-to-day basis promote the concept and spirit of community living. Click here for more information.


Coonel Eric. W. and Dr. Barbara V. Cormack Memorial Award  

The Colonel Eric W. and Dr. Barbara V. Cormack Memorial Award is given to an Alberta resident who has made an outstanding, long-term voluntary contribution to serving the interests of people with developmental disabilities and their families. The Alberta Association for Community Living and the Robin Hood Association for the Handicapped present this award jointly. Click here for more information.