What this Guide Cannot Offer

Visioning and organizing good support are best done in conversation with other families who can share their knowledge, provide support and help open up possibilities. Negotiating an adequate FMS agreement with PDD can require advice and advocacy. We can provide information about how FMS works and capture some of the knowledge and wisdom other families have gained about how FMS has made a positive difference in their lives. But this guide can't substitute for personal connections. There are ways to connect with other families through Inclusion Alberta. Please reach out!

Inclusion Alberta has demonstrated the benefits of a place families can come for advice, person-to-person support, learning, consultation, and advocacy by providing the Darrell Cook Family Managed Supports Resource Centre which is funded by PDD to support families who live in Calgary and area.

The Centre:

  • Supports visioning and planning.
  • Assists families in preparing, negotiating and if necessary appealing FMS agreements.
  • Helps families get started with recruiting staff.
  • Offers space for families to interview potential staff.
  • Provides access to a staff and hiring database that can assist with recruitment.
  • Provides regular workshops on vital topics: building networks, employment, housing. The FMS Series workshops are open to interested people from outside Calgary and area.
  • Maintains a resource library.
  • Regularly updates families with useful information in Tips of the Month.

Inclusion Alberta continues to advocate for government funding to develope more FMS Resource Centres to benefit families in the rest of Alberta. If you want to get involved in the effort to make this resource available across the province, contact us today.

Inclusion Alberta can provide some individual assistance with FMS issues to families outside the Calgary region, but these requests will be addressed along with the concerns of many other families and help might be delayed or limited. To ask for help, call toll free 1-800-252-7556 or contact mail@inclusionalberta.org, if you live north of Red Deer, or mail.calgary@inclusionalberta.org if you live in or south of Red Deer.

To the best of our knowledge, information and links are current as of May 2020. Check the PDD website which changes occasionally to be sure you are up to date.