What Families Say About Vision

Hear from Experienced Families

Vision sets direction and makes room for discoveries, it doesn’t box people in.

Robin Acton - We are really clear about what the goal feels like. How other people are interacting with Erin and how she interacts with others, as opposed to getting fixated on a particular place.

Vision grows from family values.

Barb MacIntyre - We had this vision, right away, that whatever we wanted for Dylan (our older son), we wanted for Ryan. That’s what we’ve used as our benchmark.

Vision shapes goals and guides decision making.

Catherine Oakleaf - The vision I have for Stephen is that he should have access to all the same opportunities that I have had access to, with as few barriers as possible.

Wendy McDonald - Our hopes and dreams for both our boys are that they have a life of value in community, jobs that they love, homes that they love and relationships that are robust and important to them.

Vision includes both theperson and the family.

Louise Gendreau & Robert Howard - The vision is: meaningful retirement. Developing new relationships and new interests, but together as a family (after 45 years of separation).

Kim Edwards & Dave Kinders - It’s always been our hope that Kelly would be as independent as she could possibly be (and one of her goals) is that she would be included in community as fully as could be.

Robin Acton - Our vision has driven our decisions all through Erin’s life. When at crossroads we ask ourselves, does this move her closer to that good, inclusive community life? If it doesn’t, it’s the wrong decision.