Transitioning from FSCD to FMS

Making the Transition from FSCD (Family Support for Children with Disabilities)

FSCD ends when children turn age eighteen. Although there are similarities between the two programs –many families who use FSCD have experience with developing a vision for their child’s life, negotiating an individual plan, and hiring and directing their own staff– there are two fundamental differences between FSCD and PDD that families should know as they consider FMS.

Differences in eligibility:

FSCD eligibility is much broader than PDD’s. FSCD is typically available to families of children diagnosed as having almost any disability but PDD is restricted to individuals with developmental disabilities who have an IQ of 70 or less. In turn, FMS is limited to individuals eligible for PDD.

Differences in what is funded:

FSCD can fund a wide variety of services and supports, identified in the Individual Family Support Plan. These include specialized services, assistance with some disability related costs, and staff –among other benefits.FMS funds only staff who assist a person in their home life, in employment and to participate in community life. Families seeking, for example, therapeutic supports typically have to engage Alberta Health Services or private therapists.