FMS Administrator Responsibilities

FMS Administrator Responsibilities to PDD

Please note: PDD staff will explain the contract to you as you discuss the FMS Agreement. This summary is for your information as you consider choosing FMS.

The FMS Administrator is:

  • Employer
  • Planner and monitor of service quality
  • Financial administratoraccountable to PDD

Summary of Key Responsibilities of the FMS Administrator:

  • Arrange for the purchase and provision of services for the Individual being supported based on the PDD Outcome Plan and Schedule A of the agreement.
  • Hire, supervise and pay employees or provide payment to an approved service provider upon receipt of services.
  • Maintain Workers’ Compensation and comply with Alberta Employment Standards.
  • Ensure that staff understand their roles and responsibilities toward the person and are familiar with the requirements of the PDD Abuse Prevention and Response Protocol.
  • Ensure that staff are not family members of the Individual being supported as outlined in Criteria for Payment of a Family Member unless there is an approved exemption to policy in place.
  • Ensure that an Individual Support Plan (ISP) is in place.
  • Submit a monthly claim of expenses after the end of that month using the Online Claims Reimbursement (OCR) Portal. Instruction on how to register for the OCR is contained in the letter that accompanies the FMS Agreement. The OCR Getting Started Tip Sheet will be attached to the letter. If required, the invoice may be mailed to the PDD Regional Office for processing.
  • Maintain a separate bank account for PDD FMS funds.
  • Maintain and retain financial and program records relating to services provided for at least 10 years after the end or termination of the agreement. These records include:
    • Documentation related to supports and services including contact notes support/service plans, reports, and/or assessments.
    • Bank statements for the separate account in which FMS are deposited.
    • PDD decisions can be appealed.