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Podcast – Inclusion of Children with Intellectual Disabilities in Regular Classrooms

Bruce Uditsky Inclusive Education

Inclusion Alberta CEO Emeritus Bruce Uditsky will be featured in an online event February 1st, 2021.

Creative Confident Happy Kids, and online event with host Lois Brothers

Monday, Feb 1st (Day 3)



Inclusion of Children with Intellectual Disabilities in Regular Classrooms

With Bruce Uditsky

Every child has a right to an education, but how do we know what inclusive education looks like? Over 40 years of research demonstrates that all children benefit from learning together in the general education classroom. In this episode, Bruce Uditsky, CEO Emeritus of Inclusion Alberta will discuss inclusive education of students with developmental disabilities, classroom segregation and other topics that may be of interest to parents considering an inclusive education for their child.

*Please note that this event is not sponsored by or affiliated with Inclusion Alberta.

Bruce Uditsky, M.Ed., is the CEO Emeritus of Inclusion Alberta and its former CEO for over 25 years. He is internationally recognized for his leadership and advocacy in social justice and inclusion for individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families. Bruce is the founder of Inclusive Post-Secondary Education and co-founder of the Rotary Employment Partnerships, both of which have been formally recognized as world-leading innovations. He is the parent of two adult sons, one of whom has intellectual disabilities.

To view the video Feb 1st, please visit https://creativeconfidenthappykids.com/bu

February 1, 2021