The Lorne and Patricia Gordon Legacy Fund

Inclusion Alberta’s largest-ever philanthropic gift.

The $1 Million donation from Pembina Pipeline Corporation established the Lorne and Patricia Gordon Legacy Fund. This generous contribution will enable Inclusion Alberta to further support schools and teachers in the provision of quality inclusive education, assist adults with developmental disabilities to secure and maintain employment and respond to families in crisis.

This donation from Pembina was to honour Lorne Gordon’s decades of service and leadership. Mr. Gordon is past Board Director and Chair of Pembina, past Chair of the Canadian Petroleum Association and founding member of the Board of Governors of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers. Lorne and his wife Patricia chose Inclusion Alberta for this gift because they were familiar with the supports provided for people with developmental disabilities through a family connection.

How the donation will be used:

Inclusive Education

Inclusion Alberta’s inclusive education consultants work directly with teachers in their schools and classrooms to support them in providing quality inclusive education by assisting in modifying curriculum and adapting instruction. In addition, Inclusion Alberta provides technological and other needed resources to support students with developmental disabilities to be able to learn and communicate with their friends. Schools across the province are in need of this support, but with limited government funding, Inclusion Alberta cannot meet the growing demands of all families and schools. The Lorne and Patricia Gordon Legacy Fund will enable us to ensure more children with developmental disabilities and their families have access to a quality inclusive education by increasing and sustaining our capacity to work with teachers and schools; and to provide needed resources.

Inclusive Employment

Through employment partnerships with Rotarians, municipalities and the business community, Inclusion Alberta has created close to 500 life-changing jobs for individuals with developmental disabilities. These employment opportunities provide adults with developmental disabilities a sense of belonging and purpose, in addition to substantially increasing their income so that they can better enjoy life. We have businesses willing to hire and individuals desperate for a chance to prove themselves but our capacity to respond has been severely curtailed by recent reductions in federal funding. The Lorne and Patricia Gordon Legacy Fund will enable us to provide direct on-the-job supports to sustain and save inclusive jobs while we continue to seek additional funding to increase our capacity to create employment for more adults with developmental disabilities.

About Inclusion Alberta: Inclusion Alberta is a family-based, non-profit federation that advocates on behalf of children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families. Together, we share a dream of meaningful family life and community inclusion for individuals with developmental disabilities. As an advocacy organization we support families and individuals in their desire to be fully included in community life.

About Pembina: Pembina Pipeline Corporation is a Calgary-based leading transportation and midstream service provider that has been serving North America’s energy industry for over 60 years. Pembina has pipelines and facilities strategically located in western Canada and in natural gas liquids markets in eastern Canada and the U.S. We use this geography to offer services needed by the energy sector, along the majority of the hydrocarbon value chain. Pembina strives to provide sustainable, industry-leading total returns for our investors; reliable and value-added services for our customers; a net positive impact to communities; and a safe, respectful, collaborative and fair work culture for our employees.