Manifesting hope during the pandemic. The Oakleaf Family shares their story. The family is posed on a rocky river front on a winter day. Pictured is Jess, Stephen, parents David and Ann, Catherine and her husband Kevin and their three small children.

The Oakleaf Family: Manifesting Hope During the Pandemic

July 19, 2021

Catherine Oakleaf and her mom Anne McWhir share their family’s experience navigating the pandemic together with Catherine’s brother, Stephen, who has a developmental disability. While Stephen experienced a great amount of loss due to the pandemic such as living independently, his job and being able to see his girlfriend, Catherine and Anne share how they have been able to find hope for the future.

“Hope is not an easy, cozy feel-good kind of thing,” says Anne. “It’s hard work and not everyone feels hopeful every day. Hope keeps all of us doing the boring stuff when all the days feel the same. Hope embraces change. But since change can be scary, hope needs to learn acceptance.”

Learn their story in the video below.