A purple background with black text on the left that reads: Rotary Employment Partnership, Inclusion Alberta. On the right is a picture: Two employees sit behind the cash register counter at an Old Navy store. The person on the right has long blonde hair, is wearing a grey long sleeved shirt with a name tag, glasses and is smiling. The person on the left has long brown hair, is wearing a grey long sleeved shirt and a name tag and is smiling. Below the picture text reads: Old Navy, Lloydminster

Rotary Employment Partnership: Old Navy Lloydminster

April 26, 2023

Old Navy’s new store in Lloydminster recently hired Kelsey as a Sales Associate through the Rotary Employment Partnership, thanks to a connection established at Old Navy in South Edmonton Common.

Kelsey’s role includes maintaining the fitting rooms, putting our new stock and providing customer service. Her managers say that Kelsey is a quick learner and is a great addition to the team, and since having excelled in her initial role she has also been trained as a cashier. Congratulations on your new position Kelsey, and on your great new hire Old Navy!

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