Rotary Employment Partnership: Kelsey at VDG Salumi. Kelsey sits in a white lab coat packaging product with a coworker in the background

Rotary Employment Partnership: Kelsey at VDG Salumi

March 2, 2021

Rotary Employment Partnership field update!

Kelsey recently started working at VDG Salumi in Calgary as a product packer. Her role involves curing and preparing meats, cutting the salami, placing the salami into bags and using the vacuum sealer, and placing logo and nutrition fact labels onto the packaged meats. In the future, Kelsey will also be responsible for cutting and pre-packaging charcuterie boards, and attending markets with colleagues to sell products.

Kelsey’s employer Stuart was an instructor for a culinary class Kelsey took at SAIT where he was impressed with her knife skills and liked her personality, and hired her at VDG Salumi. He felt that Kelsey would be integral to the culture and work ethic he tries to instil in his business, and he was right!

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