Inclusion Alberta Dream Maker - Lorne Rubis Lorne is pictured posing, wearing a suit.

Inclusion Alberta Dream Maker: Lorne Rubis

November 15, 2021

Lorne Rubis, Co-Founder and Chief Belonging Officer at, is passionate about inclusion and has plenty of experience being a leading inclusive employer.

“Inclusion Alberta has a representative community that requires attention, care and support to complete that language of inclusion,” says Lorne. “And that’s why I am a part of it.”

Lorne is a member of Inclusion Alberta’s Dream Maker Society, joining over 200 other individuals and organizations that have made a commitment to donate $1,000 or more per year for five years to Inclusion Alberta. Lorne became a Dream Maker after attending a fundraising event several years ago, but his first connection to Inclusion Alberta came through Rotary Employment Partnership. As Chief People Officer at ATB Financial, Lorne, driven by his belief that every company should be representative of the people in their communities, says he worked with former ATB Financial CEO Dave Mowat to find ways to hire individuals with developmental disabilities.

ATB employee Cody Strass and CEO Dave Mowat pose in front of a grey background. Both are smiling and giving the peace sign with their fingers.

ATB Financial employee Cody Strass, who was hired through the Rotary Employment Partnership, and former CEO Dave Mowat.

“We were intentional about that,” says Lorne, noting that ATB now employs individuals with developmental disabilities throughout the company in corporate offices and at branches. “Not patronizing, but intentional. My experience is that if you put intentionality behind it everybody can find a meaningful place. And the individuals with developmental disabilities that join you will make your team richer.”

Being a part of the Dream Maker Society is something that Lorne says is a natural fit for his family.

“It’s a small little nudge to say, ‘thank you, and we care’,” says Lorne. “We feel lucky to be able to be a small footnote on [the inclusion movement]. Our communities have to learn how to find a way to make room and space to embrace each other in every environment.”

Learn more about investing in the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families by becoming an Inclusion Alberta Dream Maker.