Election 2023 Platform Comparisons

May 23, 2023

We are providing this comparison to help Albertans more easily review the promises each party has made in reference to children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families.  This is not a comparison of everything in a party’s platform (links to which are provided at the bottom) but only those promises or commitments most directly related to children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families. Platform promises are important as these are what governments commit to doing, which the public holds them accountable to. Other commitments typically do not hold the same weight. 

This comparison is accurate as of the date of publication and based on publicly available information at the time. We compared the platforms only of the two parties, the Alberta New Democratic Party (NDP) and the United Conservative Party (UCP) who are running candidates in enough ridings to have a chance of forming the next government. To locate the platforms of other parties, please visit the Elections Alberta website where you can find a listing of the other twelve parties.  As Inclusion Alberta is a non-partisan organization and committed to working with whichever party forms the next government, we provide this for the purposes of information only. Inclusion Alberta does not endorse any party or candidate.  

The UCP Platform relies, to some degree, on commitments announced by the government before the provincial election was called. We have not included statements made by candidates at the Inclusion Alberta Candidates Forum as these do not constitute a party’s or party’s leader commitment and in some instances, it was unclear as to who was speaking for a party. 

As you review the table below you will see the obvious consequences of political ableism – profound invisibility and lack of caring across all parties with respect to Albertans with developmental disabilities and their families. 

Download a PDF of the above table here.

Accessibility Legislation 

The NDP has committed to consulting on and introducing accessibility and inclusion legislation to outline a framework to identify, remove, and prevent barriers to full participation of people living with disabilities in their communities and in the economy.  It is important for Albertans to know that in other Canadian provinces accessibility legislation has begun to effectively address barriers to physical accessibility and some other forms of accessibility, but nowhere has accessibility legislation furthered the inclusion of children and adults with developmental disabilities Evidence to the contrary does exist We call upon every party to ensure any future accessibility legislation concretely furthers inclusion while reducing the segregation, congregation, and marginalization of individuals with developmental disabilitiesThere is no reason to expect that the current lack of focus by every party on improving the lives of children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families would change as a result of a single piece of legislation. 

Links to Full Party Platforms 

Additional Information on Alberta Election 2023 

The NDP and UCP responded to question during Inclusion Alberta’s provincial election forum on May 9, 2023.  The recording of the forum and a response from Inclusion Alberta to statements made by the parties is available here. 

Inclusion Alberta published 21 policy solutions for the provincial government to adopt and presented them to representatives of the Alberta New Democratic Party (NDP) and the United Conservative Party (UCP).