October is disability employment awareness month. Inclusion Alberta. Lululemon - Red Deer. On the right is an image of 3 people posing in front of a white counter, with mannequins wearing leggings and stacks of clothing in shelves behind them. The person on the left has blonde hair, has a red crossbody bag around their shoulders and is wearing a white shirt. the person in the middle is wearing a black shirt and glasses and has dark hair in a ponytail. the person on the right is wearing a grey shirt and has middle-parted brown hair. All are smiling.

Disability Employment Awareness Month: Lululemon Red Deer

October 11, 2023

October is Disability Employment Awareness Month, and we are highlighting how Rotarians and local businesses are creating meaningful jobs for individuals with developmental disabilities through Inclusion Alberta’s Rotary Employment Partnership. 

Albertans with developmental disabilities experience an unemployment rate of more than 70%. The Rotary Employment Partnership is creating life-changing job opportunities while providing an untapped labour market to Alberta’s business community. The partnership has created over 800 jobs to date in areas such as food service to administration to labour, and everything in between. Learn more about becoming an inclusive employer. 

Lululemon – Red Deer 

Having seen Lululemon’s Calgary Chinook Centre location’s success with hiring an individual with an intellectual disability through Inclusion Alberta’s Rotary Employment Partnership, the company’s Red Deer location reached out to inquire about hiring at their location as well. A great candidate was found, and Chantal was hired in the Refill position. 

In her position, Chantal uses in-store technology to locate and add depleted items to the floor from inventory and de-stock items. She organizes, hangs and folds clothing to be displayed in the store. Chantal’s tasks have recently expanded to include filling online orders and locating and packing in-store pick-up items. Chantal enjoys her job, and gets together with her co-workers outside of work for spin and yoga classes and participating in team-building events. 

“Chantal has been incredible to work with,” says Jill, Manager at Lululemon Red Deer. “Her attention to detail, commitment to her work, and positivity have inspired our whole team. It has been so fulfilling seeing Chantal’s continued growth in confidence over her time with us – she is a fully engaged member of our team who contributes so much to our business and is a pleasure to work alongside.”  

Thank you Lululemon Red Deer (and Chinook Centre!) for your commitment to inclusively hiring individuals with an intellectual disability! 

Learn more about how you can tap into a valuable labour market by becoming an inclusive employer through the Rotary Employment Partnership. See what inclusive employers have to say about how hiring an individual with an intellectual disability positively affects their bottom line and overall operations here.