On the left text reads: "October is Disability Employment Awareness Month. Inclusion Alberta." On the right is an image of two Bath and Body Works employees, both are wearing blue plaid aprons. They are posing and smiling for the camera. Below the picture, text reads: "Bath & Body Works, Calgary Sunridge Mall"

Disability Employment Awareness Month: Bath & Body Works Calgary Sunridge Mall

October 31, 2023

October is Disability Employment Awareness Month, and we are highlighting how Rotarians and local businesses are creating meaningful jobs for individuals with developmental disabilities through Inclusion Alberta’s Rotary Employment Partnership.  

Albertans with developmental disabilities experience an unemployment rate of more than 70%. The Rotary Employment Partnership is creating life-changing job opportunities while providing an untapped labour market to Alberta’s business community. The partnership has created over 800 jobs to date in areas such as food service to administration to labour, and everything in between. Learn more about becoming an inclusive employer. 

Bath & Body Works – Sunridge Mall Calgary 

Alexa had a dream of working at Bath & Body Works, and through her family’s advocacy, Inclusion Alberta’s Youth Employment Partnership and Bath & Body Works’ commitment to inclusive employment, her dream came true, and she recently secured a position as a Sales Associate at the Sunridge Mall location in Calgary. 

Alexa works alongside her team to support product replenishment activities, ensuring that personal care and home fragrance shelves are full and abundant as well as helping shoppers with their purchasing needs. Alexa is looking forward to expanding her skillset to assist with floor set executions, window changes and more.  

Thank you, Bath & Body Works, for your commitment to inclusive employment, and congratulations Alexa on your new job!  

Learn more about how you can tap into a valuable labour market by becoming an inclusive employer through the Rotary Employment Partnership. See what inclusive employers have to say about how hiring an individual with an intellectual disability positively affects their bottom line and overall operations here.