October is Disability Employment Awareness Month. Inclusion Alberta. Calgary Public Library

#DEAM: Calgary Public Library

October 21, 2022

October is Disability Employment Awareness Month, and we are highlighting how Rotarians and local businesses are creating meaningful jobs for individuals with developmental disabilities through Inclusion Alberta’s Rotary Employment Partnership.

Albertans with developmental disabilities experience an unemployment rate of more than 70%. The Rotary Employment Partnership is creating life-changing job opportunities while providing an untapped labour market to Alberta’s business community. The partnership has created over 725 jobs to date in areas such as food service to administration to labour, and everything in between. Learn more about becoming an inclusive employer.

Calgary Public Library

When Calgary Public Library’s late CEO Bill Ptacek, a member of the Calgary Downtown Rotary Club, first heard about the Rotary Employment Partnership, he was immediately on board with becoming an inclusive employer. Calgary Public Library has since hired over 12 individuals to work in various roles at libraries across the city.

Two library employees pose smiling, with their hands folded in front of them, in front of shelves of books. The person on the left is shorter and is wearing a purple shirt, black shorts and name tag lanyard around their neck. The person on the left is taller, and wearing a grey dress with a grey sweater and a name tag hanging around their neck.Kennedy (pictured left with her colleague Dobrila) says she is working her ‘dream job’ as a Library Experience Assistant at the Guiffre Family Library in south Calgary where she works hard to keep things well-organized at the branch. Kennedy’s attention to detail, organizational skills, passion for helping others and cheerful disposition make her a great fit for her position, says her employer. She is tasked with shelving books, processing library materials, handling inter-library deliveries and many other duties that keep the library system running smoothly.