Canada Disability Benefit. Learn more and take action.

Canada Disability Benefit: Learn More and Take Action

July 14, 2021

August 11, 2021 UPDATE:

Inclusion Canada has released their position statement on financial security and income support.

The federal government has announced its plan to create a new law by recently introducing Bill C-35, a bill that would create a Canada Disability Benefit. This benefit has the potential to significantly impact the poverty and inequality experienced disproportionately by those who live with a disability. The government has indicated that this new proposed benefit will supplement and not replace any provincial benefit, such as AISH.

The Federal government is now on summer break, and it is hoped that this bill is passed when they resume sitting in the fall. Inclusion Alberta stands with our national partner organization, Inclusion Canada, in calling on all federal parties to support the bill and to adopt the recommendations put forward in this one pager by Inclusion Canada. 

What you can do:

-Call, email or write your Member of Parliament and let them know why the Canada Disability Benefit matters to you and your family, and to follow Inclusion Canada’s proposed design. 

Canadian Disability Benefit Info Sheet