2023 National Inclusive Education Awards Winners

April 14, 2023

The National  Inclusive Education Award for Alberta is provided jointly by Inclusion Canada and Inclusion Alberta to honour a teacher, school or school district whose commitment to inclusive education is exemplary and deserving of recognition. The awards were handed out on Friday, April 14th, 2023 at the Inclusion Alberta Family Conference at the Fantasyland Hotel in Edmonton.

We are pleased this year to be presenting the award to four schools:

  • Eastview Middle School (Red Deer Public Schools)
  • Hunting Hills Middle School (Red Deer Public Schools)
  • Willow Park High School (Calgary Board of Education)
  • Northern Lights School (Calgary Board of Education)

As an organization that values and supports the full inclusion of children in regular education classrooms, Inclusion Alberta would like to thank Eastview Middle School, Hunting Hills Middle School, Willow Park High School and Northern Lights School for their commitment to all of the students who have been fortunate enough to be fully included in their regular classrooms.

Hunting Hills High School

Eastview Middle School

Willow Park School