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Tips for finding a summer job for youth with an intellectual disability. Inclusion Alberta.
July 14, 2023

As the summer months roll in, many youth participate in summer activities such as summer camps and community-based events. These activities can be an excellent way for kids and younger […]

Youth Employment Partnership. Connor at Pro Hockey Life, South Edmonton Common. Connor and a coworker are aligning a row of hockey skates in the store. They are wearing black shirts and pants and blue masks
January 31, 2022

Pro Hockey Life has hired again through Inclusion Alberta’s Youth Employment Partnership! Connor is one of the newest crew members at the Pro Hockey Life in South Edmonton Common. Working […]

Inclusion Alberta Youth Employment Partnership. Daniel at Five Guys, Edmonton, AB. Daniel and a colleague work at the fry station at Five Guys, dressed in red shirts, pants and hats.
December 8, 2021

Many employers around the province are having issues hiring quality staff. Inclusion Alberta’s Youth Employment Partnership can help fill that gap, while creating jobs for high school students with developmental […]

Inclusion Alberta Youth Employment Partnership. Aidan at Value Village, Airdrie, AB. Aiden and a colleague are pictured arranging merchandise on a toy shelf.
September 21, 2021

Meet Aidan, a high school student who has recently been hired on as a part-time Retail Store Associate at Value Village Airdrie through the Youth Employment Partnership! Aidan’s experience in […]

Youth For Inclusion. Alberta's Young Generation Advocate for change. April 17, 2021. A part of the 2021 Virtual Inclusion Alberta Family Conference. Space is limited so please register early at
April 12, 2021

Youth for Inclusion is an initiative by Inclusion Alberta to bring together youth aged 16-22 years old, with and without disabilities, who are interested in the inclusion movement, social justice, […]

Nancy and Matt from Matt and Ashley's No Frills in Edmonton, part of Inclusion Alberta's Youth Employment Partnership
January 15, 2021

Nancy is a grade 12 student who recently started her FIRST EVER job at Matt & Ashley’s No Frills in Edmonton as part of the Youth Employment Partnership! Nancy works as […]