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Developmental Disability and the COVID 19 vaccine Inclusion Alberta
January 13, 2021

Inclusion Alberta represents thousands of Albertans with developmental disabilities, some of whom require support workers who come into their residences to provide them with needed assistance. There are two issues with Alberta’s COVID-19 vaccine distribution schedule that we fear leave individuals with developmental disabilities behind and at undue risk. The first is in regard to […]

Mark Fusco and his cousin Ryan MacIntyre
October 30, 2020

By Mark Fusco Mark Fusco is the Owner/Operator of Revive Hair Loft in Edmonton, AB.  The handsome guy on the right of the photo above is my cousin, Ryan MacIntyre, who is a college graduate, full-time employee, sports and music superfan and also has a developmental disability. Growing up, I honestly had no idea that […]

Bartell Family photo, a family forever changed by Inclusion Alberta
October 19, 2020

By Karen Bartell Karen Bartell is the parent of 3 adult children, and a member of Inclusion Alberta’s Dream Maker Society. She lives in Calgary. Our 3 daughters are adults now, but let’s rewind back to when they were 5, 3 and a tiny baby. We had been invited participate in the Inclusion Alberta Family […]