2021-2022 Inclusive Post-Secondary Education Vacancies

In partnership with post-secondary institutions across the province, Inclusion Alberta offers Inclusive Post- Secondary Education supports to students with developmental disabilities. This support is tailored to each individual student to assist them in succeeding in meaningfully participating in university and college programs of study, getting involved in campus and community life, and securing paid employment. This unique initiative enhances the learning environment for everyone involved.

Students eligible for Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) support typically audit courses in a program of study of their interest, which helps each individual student in achieving the most beneficial learning experience possible. An Educational Facilitator works closely with students and faculty to modify and adapt coursework to individualize a student’s pace of study. In addition to campus life, this year-round support collaborates with a student and their network in attaining employment during the summer months with the objective to obtain a meaningful career upon the completion of studies. There are no specific academic requirements – all applications will be considered regardless of a prospective student’s support needs (if the prospective student can confirm PDD  supports eligibility).

Please note the following application deadlines:
• Applicants applying at institutions with a Jan 2022 start date can submit applications immediately. Applications will be accepted until suitable applicants are found. Successful applicants must be prepared to start receiving support in December 2021.

• Applicants applying at an institution with a September 2022 start date may submit applications until February 1st, 2022 (or until suitable applicants are found). All applicants must be prepared to start receiving supports on July 2nd, 2022.

Each post-secondary institution offers different programs of study, anyone interested in applying is encouraged to visit each initiative’s website and/or attend virtual program information sessions and respective open house for more information.

*Please note that successful applicants are required to adhere to their respective campuses COVID-19 vaccine policy. Information regarding each institutions current policy and practice can be found online on the college or university website.

See 2021-2022 Inclusive Post-Secondary Education vacancies (PDF document)