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Peer Mentors - Edmonton

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Supported Employment Peer Mentor

Inclusion Alberta is a family-based non-profit federation that advocates on behalf of children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families. Together, we share a dream of meaningful family life and community inclusion for individuals with developmental disabilities. As an advocacy organization we support families and individuals in their desire to be fully included in community life.

Position Title: Peer Mentor - Supported Employment

Program Goals:

  1. To assist youth with disabilities to secure part-time employment.
  2. To provide on-site support for students with disabilities in their place of employment.
  3. To gradually fade out support, if possible, to encourage independent employment.

Supervisor: Youth Employment Partnership (YEP) Coordinator

Position Status: Part-time; possibly temporary. The Peer Mentor position is an exciting part-time employment opportunity for grade 11 and 12 students. It is assigned over a period of time that is dependent on the work schedule and needs of the Mentee and Inclusion Alberta. Employment begins with training/orientation at our head office and extends through the duration of the Mentee’s on-the-job training and possibly beyond.

Work Schedule: Core hours will vary and flexibility in schedule is a must in order to accommodate job-site requirements, training needs, and completion of reports.

Principle Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Arrive on time at the specified job site.
  2. Dress as appropriately or as required by the job site. (i.e. uniform, dress code, etc.)
  3. Assist the Mentee in performing the work responsibilities in such a way that fosters independence.
  4. Continually assess the vocational, social, communication, and independent skills required by the specific job setting.
  5. Identify job site modifications as needed. Recommendations are to be discussed with the YEP Coordinator.
  6. Comply with the policies and procedures of the job site.
  7. Report to the YEP Coordinator any needs, problems, or concerns.
  8. Complete a summary of each shift worked with the Mentee and submit to the YEP Coordinator.
  9. Report regularly to the YEP Coordinator.


  • Experience working with individuals with disabilities is an asset, but not required. Full training is provided.
  • A basic understanding and commitment to inclusion in all areas of life.
  • All Peer Mentors will be required to participate in training and orientation with the YEP and Inclusion Alberta.
  • Mentors must be of similar age to the individuals they are mentoring (i.e. grades 11 or 12).

Remuneration: All Peer Mentors are paid hourly at a rate of $15/hr. Compensation will be given for orientation, meetings, and for logging shift summaries.

Please contact Cathy Lee Gagne, Youth Employment Partnership Coordinator, at 780-451-3055 ext. 414 or email to clgagne@inclusionalberta.org.