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Social Role Valorization: 4 Day Workshop (Sylvan Lake)

Date: May 14, 2018
Location:  Show map Sunnyside Retreat Centre
Sylvan Lake, AB
Contact: YaminaPhone: 403-342-4550Email: cars@carsrd.org

The Alberta Safeguards Foundation

Social Role Valorization:

A Framework for Assisting People to have Full, Meaningful, and Inclusive Lives

May 14 – 17, 2018 at Sunnyside Retreat Centre near Sylvan Lake, AB

8:30 am to 5:30 pm each day

Social Role Valorization (SRV) is one of the best ways to understand and address issues of marginalization, oppression and exclusion of people who are devalued in our communities. This event will challenge participants to think deeply about these complex issues. As such, it is important that participants attend the workshop in its entirety. This workshop includes lecture and small group discussion.

SRV was developed by Dr. Wolf Wolfensberger, considered to be one of the most influential thinkers in the field of intellectual disability in the world.  SRV today represents one of the few well organized theories that positively addresses the plight of people who are devalued by society. SRV is a systematic and universally applicable concept for structuring human services, strongly anchored in the empiricism of psychology, sociology and long and broad human experience.  SRV suggests a close relationship between the socially perceived value of the roles that people hold, and whether people in those roles will be accorded opportunities and other good things of life.  Bad things often happen to people in devalued roles, and good things tend to be afforded to people in positively valued roles.  This workshop contains many positive principles and broad strategies to assist in overcoming devaluation and attaining the good things in life. While not a detailed “how to” workshop, participants will leave with a dynamic conceptual framework to use for problem solving and practical action in their work and personal lives.

Who Should Attend?:  Anyone who seriously seeks a deeper understanding of the common life experiences of devalued persons because of intellectual impairment, mental disorder, poverty, homelessness, age (elderly), physical impairment or learning impairment will find it relevant.  It will be of particular interest to those who are service recipients, family members, advocates, ordinary citizens and paid or unpaid human service workers, planners and managers.

Format of the workshop:  The workshop is taught in lecture format with extensive use of PowerPoint, overheads and slides.  The content is taught at a college-level.  Past SRV participants report that this is one of the most demanding workshops they have attended but have rarely expressed dissatisfaction and, in fact, appreciate the workshop’s rigour and high level of engagement.

Workshop Fee:  $500.00 (includes registration, handouts, welcome breakfast, daily coffee and lunch).

Meals:  Welcome breakfast will be hosted on the first day of the workshop for all participants.  Lunch and coffee will be provided daily for all participants.

Accommodation/Breakfast/Supper Package:

4 nights (Sunday arrival with check out Thursday) in Private Bedroom (shared bathroom) and includes all meals up to and including lunch on Thursday is $350.00 per person.

4 nights (Sunday arrival with check out Thursday) in Shared Bedroom and includes all meals up to and including lunch on Thursday is $300.00 per person

Monday, May 14 8:00 am – 5:30 pm


*Registration and Breakfast begins at 8:00 am

Wednesday, May 16, 9:00 – 5:30 pm
Tuesday, May 15, 9:00 – 5:30 pm Thursday, May 17, 9:00 – 5:30 pm

Workshop Schedule:

“SRV helped me to understand the impact of my work with vulnerable persons”

This introductory SRV workshop incorporates 10 themes. It will address the following topics (among others):

  • The dynamics of social devaluation and its consequences as represented in the common life experiences of people who are marginalized and devalued, as well as its effects on human service workers.
  • The basic tenets of SRV as a means of addressing the impact of devaluation and as a means of enabling people who are marginalized to become valued community members.
  • Critical issues concerning the provision of quality services, including how vulnerable people are portrayed or are perceived by others in the community.
  • The importance of inclusion in community.
  • The importance of developmental growth for all people.
  • The importance of considering personal values when responding to social devaluation.


Bill Forman has worked for over 30 years on behalf of people with disabilities and their families in a variety of roles, including advocacy, community development and adult education. His focus is training and development on values issues, especially the understanding and application of SRV theory. Currently, he is Executive Director of Progressive Alternatives Society of Calgary. Bill is a senior SRV trainer and a member of the North American SRV Council. He is also a founding member of the Alberta Safeguards Foundation. Bill will be joined by several colleagues, who will share the role of presenting the material.  

For online information about SRV, go to www.absafeguards.org OR www.socialrolevalorization.com OR www.srvip.org